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M224 Mortar Weapon Storage









The M224 Mortar or typically referred to as the .60mm motar replaced the 60mm M2 Mortar, and the M19 Mortar weapons, which had an effective range of only 2,200 yards.


The M224 Mortar is a cannon that shoots explosives high in the air from long distances away, hoping to catch and destroy enemies from very far away without them noticing that the explosive is coming there way.


SecureIt Tactical Lets you store your Mortar weapons (either the .60 or .81 mm versions) in our weapons racks, and will comply with what your military base and government regulates on weapons storage racks for weapons storage solutions of your M224 Mortar weapons.


M2 Motar Weapons Storage Racks - Rendering Below:



60mm motar storage rack


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