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M24 Sniper Rifle Storage Solutions


m24 rack and m24 storage sniper rack



M24 Weapons Storage Racks -

m24-weapon-rack M24 storage
M24s with M4s above

N24 Sniper Rifle
The M24 Sniper Weapon System (SWS) is the military and police version of the Remington 700 rifle, M24 being the model name assigned by the United States Army after adoption as their standard sniper rifle in 1988. It is also used by the Israeli Defence Forces. The M24 is referred to as a "weapons system" because it consists of not only a rifle, but also a detachable telescopic sight and other accessories.

The M24 was designed to use the "long-action" version of the Remington M700 BDL. This was chosen because the Army wanted the ability to rebarrel the rifle from 7.62 NATO to the .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge if needed, which required a long action receiver. Due to using a short action cartridge in a long action receiver and magazine box, rounds must be pushed to the rear of the magazine in order to ensure reliable feeding.

The M24 originally came tapped for the Leupold Ultra M3 10x40mm fixed-power scope, which came with a circle-shaped etched-glass reticle. This was later replaced in 1998 by the cheaper Leupold Mk.4 LR/T M3 10x40mm first focal plane fixed-power scope with a mil-dot reticle.

The first number is the scope's magnification (10) and the second number in millimeters (40mm) is the diameter of the objective lens. A fixed power scope has only one magnification (e.g., 10x) and a variable power scope can be adjusted to focus between a range of magnifications (e.g., 3-9x is adjustable from a minimum power of 3x to a maximum power of 9x). The rifle itself comes with a detachable Harris 6-9" BRM-S swivel bipod unit.

The M24 SWS was to be replaced with the M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System, a contract awarded to Knight's Armament Company. However, the Army still continued to acquire M24s from Remington until February 2010 and the M24 is being upgraded to the A2 and M24E1 standard in many cases, and continues to serve.

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