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    SecureIt Tactical Model 84 Advanced Weapons Storage Cabinet

    SecureIt Tactical weapons storage platform quickly adapts to any weapons system and through the use of industry standard materials handling components and products, stores any and all ancillary items efficiently.

    Approved by Tacom, Marcorsyscom, and the Navy for ship board applications.

    weapon storage cabinethigh density weapon storage cabinetrifle and machine gun storage cabinetmilitary weapon storage cabinet
    Empty                    with bins & trays              add ancillary gear               add rifles

    Only SecureIt Tactical Racks offer this level of adaptability and flexibility.

    Weapons and gear are stored in an efficient and organized fashion.
    Bins and trays can be placed throughout the cabinet to allow operators to store their gear in a manner that fits their specific needs.

    Weapon cabinets will store all rifles, handguns, crew serve weapons ( M2, MK19, M240, M249 etc.), 60mm and 80mm Mortars, and most shoulder launch weapon systems.

    --SecureIt Tactical Model 84 cabinets is the only mass produced weapons storage cabinet approved for shipboard applications.

    tactical storage rack

    HD Shelving

    900 lb. capacity per shelf,
    the highest in the industry
    m4 rifle weapon storage handgun storage rack

    The ability to
    gear with weapons is unique to the tactical rack.
    Shelves trays and bins allow gear storage around and behind weapons
    m240 storage and weapon storage rack

    M4s stored over crew-served weapons

    M249 and M240s

    Magnetic hooks hold spare
    M240 and M249 weapon storage rack

    M249 SAWs stored over M240Bs

    14 gauge
    all steel construction

    allows for high density crew serve weapon storage

    mk19 weapon storage rack m4 storage

    M4s stored over MK19s

    4 Mk19s stored in a 36" wide footprint

    Only SecureIt Tactical Racks can do this
    m2 weapon storage rack m4 storage

    M4s stored
    above M2s

    4 receivers with
    8 barrels

    Only SecureIt Tactical Racks
    can do this
    weapons storage cabinet and rack

    M4 rifles

    M249, M240,
    M2, Mk19

    one saddle system stores
    all weapons.
    M4 rifle weapon storage rack optics and storage

    M4 rifles

    M9 handguns
    optics and magazines

    Mix of crew-served weapons and carbines
    m4 and m9  weapon storage rack weapon storage

    M4s with
    SOPMOD attachments

    shot guns,
    sniper rifle and crew-served machine guns